Family Fun Bundle Includes:
(Value of $176.00)

  • 2 Newgy Pro Series Paddles w/2 FREE Cases
  • 2 Newgy Applause Paddles
  • 2 Dozen White 40+ Robo-Balls

For uncompromising quality, control and spin the Newgy Pro Series* of hand assembled Zylon Carbon blade and high performance Mech-Tek rubber combination is the answer.

Newgy Pro Series Assembled Blade/Rubber Specifications:

  • Combined speed: 85(OFF) 
  • Combined spin: 98
  • Combined control: 94
  • Ply: 5 PLY (3 wood + 2 Zylon Carbon)
  • Flex: mid 
  • Combined Weight with rubber: Aprox165 grams
  • Head width: 149mm+-2 
  • Head height: 155.6mm+-2
  • Sponge Type: 2.0mm GearZ High Volume (black comes with national blue color, red comes with glow yellow)

Utilizing the benefits of Zylon + Carbon construction, the Newgy Pro Series has a high power yet nimble attacking blade. Made to exceed industry standards, the Newgy Pro Series features LIMBA and SOFTWOOD layers combined with Zylon and graphite weave. All Newgy Pro series blades come with a preservative lacquer finish (no need to seal the blade) to protect the wood from the new water based / non VOC glues.

Newgy Pro Series Blade Specifications:

  • Flex: mid
  • Speed: 92(OFF) 
  • Weight:  80-84 grams
  • Ply: 5 PLY (3 wood + 2 Zylon Carbon)
  • Thickness: 6.0mm+-.2 
  • Head width: 149mm+-2 
  • Head height: 155.6mm+-2

Newgy Pro Series Rubber Specifications:

Newgy is proud to offer Mech-Tek Predator rubber on these blades. Mech-Tek Predator is an aggressive mechanical rubber perfect for players who prefer a bouncy rubber with a high grip feeling. Mech-Tek uses a taller pip geometry giving enhanced ability to hold the ball longer. Mech-Tek is comparable to Japanese or European rubbers in terms of grip and spin generation.

  • Speed: 94
  • Spin: 97
  • Control: 88
  • Sponge Type: GearZ High Volume (black comes with blue color, red comes with glow yellow)

*The Newgy Pro Series blades do compare favorably to other Zylon Carbon blades that cost $200-$400.

Note: While the sponge and power is very similar to “Tenergy®”  the top sheet has significantly more grip when coupled with the composite ball.


The Newgy Applause Paddle excels at touch and control and is perfect for all-round play. Its elastic inverted topsheet affords good spin for learning and executing high spin shots like loops and serves. The soft sponge rubber provides good speed and high control. The light weight of the paddle and the size of its head and handle are ideal for children while still being comfortable for adults. Comes only in a straight handle with 1.9 mm Newgy Omega rubber in red and black. Approved by USATT. 

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Family Fun Bundle

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