Refurbished Robo-Pong Robots In-Stock - Starting at $349


Newgy Industries, Inc. is the world leader in table tennis (ping-pong®) robots ― also known as table tennis ball machines/launchers/throwers.
Newgy is renowned for high quality, smartly engineered table tennis products that are also affordable and user-friendly. In addition, Newgy manufactures and sells a variety of other table tennis supplies including balls, paddles/rackets, table nets and ball catch nets, court barriers and robot accessories.
Newgy’s flagship product line, Robo-Pong table tennis robots, are available in several models, making it ideal for all levels of play.
Everyone from recreational ping pong players to competitive club level to professional table tennis athletes can enjoy and benefit from playing, practicing and training with the Robo-Pong.
Take your game to the next level ― train strokes, footwork, transitions and develop other table tennis skills with Robo-Pong!
Workout your body and your brain ― playing table tennis with Robo-Pong not only provides a fun, physical cardio workout but also a great mental workout for your brain including developing your hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, strategy and balance.
Have fun ― Everyone can enjoy the fast and exciting sport of table tennis now – any age, gender, athletic ability or skill level! No more searching and waiting for someone to play with. You can play anytime, for as long as you want! Play solo or with your family and friends! Grab a partner and experience an exciting doubles session against the Robo-Pong!
Robo-Pong table tennis robots fit all standard table tennis tables, and are easy to set up, use, take down, store and transport.
Robo-Pong can conveniently be used in your home, as well as at the gym, rec center, school, church or table tennis club!