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Our table tennis archives are a rich source of timeless coaching advice for ping pong fans.This page is arranged by categories so you can easily find the information you're looking for. Alternatively, you may use our search function at the top of any page of this website to find articles matching any term you are researching.

Push / Block

Fast Push Techniques, by Richard McAfee
The Chop Block, A Winning Variation
, by Richard McAfee
Develop Your Push With Robo-Pong, by Richard McAfee
Forehand Block, by Larry Thoman
Backhand Block, by Larry Thoman
The Push, by Larry Thoman

Drive / Counter / Smash

The Penhold Reverse Backhand, by Richard McAfee

Kill That Chop!, by Richard McAfee
Forehand Smash Against Backspin, by Larry Hodges
Smashing, by Larry Hodges
Forehand Drive, by Larry Thoman
Forehand Smash, by Larry Thoman
Combining Forehand and Backhand, by Larry Thoman
Forehand Counter, by Larry Thoman
Backhand Counter, by Larry Thoman

Loop / Topspinning

The Penhold Reverse Backhand, by Richard McAfee

Forehand Loop Against Backspin, by Richard McAfee
Fast Backhand Loop Against Backspin, by Richard McAfee
Backhand Loop Against Topspin, by Richard McAfee
Topspin Defense, by Richard McAfee
Learning the Off-The-Bounce-Loop, by Richard McAfee
Looping Heavy Backspin, by Larry Hodges
How to Loop, by Larry Hodges
Looping Against Backspin and Topspin, by Larry Hodges
The Backhand Loop, by Larry Hodges


Random Footwork, by Larry Hodges
Footwork, by Larry Thoman


"Listen" To The Spin On Your Serves, by Rick Mueller
Check Ball Placement after Serve Practice, by Rich Bernhard
, by Larry Hodges
Developing Your Serve Game, by Richard McAfee
Serves, by Larry Thoman

Serve Receive

Attacking Half-Long Serves, by Eric Owens

Short Returns of No-Spin Serves, by Eric Owens

Using your Robot To Practice Serve Return, by Larry Thoman
How to Effectively Return Short Services, by Richard McAfee
Serve Receive, by Larry Thoman

Drills / Training

The Table Tennis Pyramid Of Success, by Richard McAfee

Drills for Learning the Penhold Reverse Backhand, by Richard McAfee

Robot Doubles Practice Drills, by Richard McAfee
Long Pips Attack and Defense Techniques, by Richard McAfee
Vary Your Stroke Timing When Practicing, by Ken Szeto
Making Quick Decisions, by Nicolaas Strik
Integrating Robot Practice into your Training Program, by Larry Thoman
Increase Consistency And Precision, by Nick Snider
Advanced Aerobic Movement Drills, by Richard McAfee
A Great Looping Drill, by Richard McAfee
Drills to Control Over-Aggression by Larry Thoman
Fun Game For Building Table Tennis Endurance, by Abe Mantell
The Phenomena of Speed and Anticipation, by Richard McAfee
Improve Your Doubles Teamwork, by Enrique Gomez Bravo
Eliminate Long Strokes, by Will Kazez
Train Your Chopping Game (Part 1), by Richard McAfee
Train Your Chopping Game (Part 2), by Richard McAfee
The Natural Progression of Skills, by Larry Hodges
Increase Your Reaction Speed Using Newgy Robo-Pong, by Richard McAfee
Basic Strokes and Skills, by Larry Thoman
Strengthen Your Mid-Point Weakness, by Adrian Cheung
Step-Around Footwork Drill, by Lawrence Au
Footwork Drills, by Yeushan Goan
Chair Drill, by Roger Dickson
Newgy Circuit Training, by Larry Hodges
Practice Your Serves, by Robert Mayer
The Basic Eight, by Richard McAfee

Robot Set-Up / Alternative Uses

Controlling Robot Spin From Your Robot, by Larry Thoman
Reduce Static In Your Table Tennis Room, by To Ko
Adjusting Backspin When Learning To Loop, by Larry Thoman
Controlling Static Buildup On Your Robot, by Larry Thoman
Make Your Robot Shoot Through Your Net, by
Yohan Choi
Better Performance From Robo-Pong 1000 & Looping Tip, by Yimin Zhang
Solutions For Unsticking Your Newgy Robot, by Larry Thoman
Turn Your Newgy Into a World Class Chopper, by Richard McAfee
Videotape Analysis of Technique II, by Wes Butler
Robot Setup Tips, by Darrell Rickert
Alternative Set-up For Wide Angles and Smashes, by Yeushan Goan
Using Robots To Teach Small Children, by Scott Preiss
Practice Against "Difficult Balls", by David Perkel
Practice Returning "Net Balls", by Tito Rodriguez
Better Simulation Of Loops and Chops, by Carlos Marin
Practicing Backhands And Third Ball Attack, by Amar Salaj Vattakandy
Making the Robot Produce Inconsistent Deliveries, by Phil Moy
Using The Robot In The Robo-Caddy, by David Tereo


Modern Table Tennis Styles, by Richard McAfee


Practicing Trick Shots, by Scott Gordon

Three Basic Principals For All Table Tennis Strokes, by Richard McAfee

Switching From Hardbat to Sponge Rubber, by Larry Thoman

Newgy Robot Peculiarites, by Larry Thoman
Ping Pong Table Skirt, by John Sternig
Unconventional Grip?, by Larry Thoman
Correct Wrist Position During Strokes
, by Larry Thoman
Easy Way to Prevent Dust From Entering Your Robot, by Sarkis Isikbay
Black-light Fun!
, by Valerie Kowalczuk
Faster Ball Collection For Serve Practice, by Manuel Cruz Jr.
Setting Up A Table Tennis Room
, by Larry Thoman
Quick Method to Clear Nets and Table of Balls, by Lawrence Ujimori
Learn About Spin To Improve Your Game
, by Larry Thoman

Switching from Robot Play to Competition, by Larry Thoman
The Benefits of Using a Robot
, by Larry Thoman
Buying Your First Racket, by Larry Thoman
Using Robo-Pong in a School Program, by David Cole
10 Quick Tips To Better Table Tennis, by Larry Thoman
Shakehands Grip, by Larry Thoman
Table Tennis Equipment, by Larry Thoman
Understanding Spin, by Larry Thoman
Hand and Eye Coordination, by Larry Thoman
Develop Chaotic Relaxation, by Matthew Clune
Clean Your Robot For Best Performance, by Glenn Wilson

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