Winning Entry for Our Contest

Congratulations to Wes Butler of Neenah, WI for the contributions to the Coaching Forum contest. The winning entry is listed below for your review and implementation into your training program.


Wes Butler
Neenah, WI

I consider using the Newgy Robot for technical evaluation my most effective teaching technique. I videotape players hitting 10 balls per stroke. I tape from the side view, and a 45 degree angle to the player on the opposite side of the table. I do this with the chop,push,and drive on both the forehand and backhand. I also tape the player serving. I then do a "voice-over" where I break down the player's strokes step by step, and I explain the necessary changes a player needs to make to improve their game. The "voice-over" is my voice on the tape giving this evaluation of the player's technique and form. The Newgy Robot is requisite because it allows the player to hit the ball without concentrating on anything but form. This also allows me to see the basic stroke and critique it. The Robot cuts down on human error and allows myself to get a clear view of a player's technique and also allowing me to accurately label problems in order to fix them.


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