Tip of the Month Winner

Congratulations to David Cole of Beech Island, SC for his contributions to the Coaching Forum contest. The winning entry is listed below for your review and implementation into your training program.


David Cole
Beech Island, SC


This past Fall I used Robo-Pong 1000 to help train the youth in our Fall School League. It was great because I could easily carry it from one school to another and set it up in under 5 minutes. The youth really liked hitting with Robo-Pong and we started using it as a reward to hit with Robo-Pong. Lastly, I would carry it to the school before the league started and use it for a demonstration and to excite the youth about playing.

(Editor's note: This is an excellent example of how Robo-Pong can be used in a school program. Newgy School Program uses Robo-Pong as an essential element to provide excitement and a sense of uniqueness. Robo-Pong also provides an equal opportunity to all students to participate in the program. And lastly, combining Robo-Pong with Pong-Master gives the students immediate feedback as they are learning a new stroke and rewards them when they improve their strokes enough to be able to beat the robot.)


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