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Congratulations to Manuel Cruz Jr. of Vandenberg AFB, CA for his contributions to the Coaching Forum contest. The winning entry is listed below for your review and implementation into your training program.


Faster Ball Collection For Serve Practice

Manuel Cruz Jr.
Vandenberg AFB, CA

Whenever I use the ball collection net system for practicing my serves, I manually have to remove the balls from the ball trays & Center Trough to start again, but not any more. I removed the robot body from the net system and then I cut a three inch hole in the small well/pit below where the robot unit normally sits. When I'm ready to practice serves, I remove the robot body, set a 5 gallon bucket underneath the Center Trough to catch all the balls that drop in and begin practicing serves. Now all I have to do is take the full bucket of balls and refill my practice tray and return the bucket under the collection system and continue practicing.

(Editor's Note: This is an excellent tip to make serve practice more trouble-free. This will work well with all Robo-Pong 2000 and 2040 robots that are mounted to the table. This will not work for 2000's and 2040's that sit in Robo-Caddies. Also, while this technically will void your warranty and service policy, most of the time it is unnecessary to send in your net system when a robot is repaired, so our service center would never be aware of your alteration.)

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