December 2001 Coaching Forum Tip

Tip of the Month Winner

Congratulations to Yimin Zhang of Superior, CO for his contributions to the Coaching Forum contest. The winning entry is listed below for your review and implementation into your training program.


Better Performance From Robo-Pong 1000 & Looping Tip

Yimin Zhang
Superior, CO

I bought a Robo-Pong 1000 in June. A couple of improvements I'm using may be helpful to other users.

Tip 1: Make the container hold 160 balls plus. I put a strip of hard paper cut from a box around the container to make it higher and hold many more balls.

Tip 2: Balls in container pile in "V" shape. Machine often could not shoot any balls out even if there were plenty of balls in the container. Later I found the reason was that the balls piled on top half of the container, and but it was empty at the bottom half of the container. If I make the balls in container pile in "V" shape, that is, few balls in front side (face to table)and more balls at back side, the issue solved.

Tip 3: Make table net one inch higher for high spin loop. As with most beginners like me, spin-loop attack (short, high-curve, very spinny) easily turns into fast forward loop (long, fast, less spinny). If you make your table net one inch higher, it will force you to put more spin and make your loop a little bit higher.

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