The book guides a reader through one player's quest to break the magic mark of United States Table Tennis Association ranking of 2000. It describes the challenges faced in the process, the details of the training, and the experience gained in tournament matches. This book outlines the steps and provides invaluable information that would help an aspiring player to achieve the same goal.

"I really love this book! Many great nuggets of solid info are to be found within the pages."
Sean O'Neill, Two-time member, U.S. Olympic Team

I wrote "Breaking 2000" with one thought in mind. I wanted to contribute to the quality of the sport so that more beginners and intermediate players begin to find their way through the ranks, becoming advanced players with strong set of skills. To me, this is the environment that would allow to grow more champions through better training and quality competition, especially in US Table Tennis.

I hope with "Breaking 2000" more players become inspired to focus, set new goals, and work hard to achieve them, reaching higher levels of their game in order to win.

Breaking 2000 book

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