Become The Best You Can Be

Nothing beats having your very own Robo-Pong for practicing at home. Play anytime you want for as long as you want. Play until you drop! Spend more time hitting balls and less time picking them up. Accelerate your development by performing hundreds of strokes in the same time it takes to hit a few dozen shots with a human partner.

Yiyong Fan, Top US Player

Robo-Pong is your secret weapon for learning the skills you need to beat your nemesis. Do what champions do: Train with Robo-Pong and realize your dreams!

As top U.S. player, Yiyong Fan, says, "Robo-Pong helps me very much. Every ping-pong player needs your robot to develop high level skills."

Play Ping Pong Anytime, For As Long As You Want!

Have you ever had the urge to play ping pong, but couldn't find an opponent? Are you like the Energizer Bunny and want to keep going long after your opponents give up? Robo-Pong is your answer.

This faithful servant is at your command 24/7. Improve your game at your own pace. Only have a few minutes to play? No problem. Robo-Pong is ready to go at a moment's notice. Warning though—once you start you may not want to stop!

For Family Fun & Entertainment

Want a healthy, fun alternative to TV and video games? Try Robo-Pong. Ping pong is addictive because it engages the mind and body in an inherently fun activity. Basic skills are easy to learn. It's a sport that can be enjoyed by all family members from ages 6 to 106! Unlike injury-producing sports such as football or skateboarding, ping pong is a safe sport with a very low injury rate. It's terrific for developing quick reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and balance. Best of all, you can enjoy an Olympic sport in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Get Fit While Having Fun!

Get true aerobic conditioning doing what you love to do—playing ping pong! Robo-Pong's non-stop play will keep you swinging and moving for as long as you would normally run or walk—with the same aerobic benefits. Regular use of Robo-Pong will strengthen your cardiovascular system, increase muscular endurance and improve muscle tone. Robo-Pong's sport-specific workouts are better for your game than other aerobic activities like ski machines or stationary bikes. It's visually exciting and never boring or monotonous. So quit skiing without snow or riding to nowhere. Robo-Pong is the perfect workout for ping pong fanatics! Great for kids too.

Recycling Net   DotDot
Ball BucketDotDotDot  
Remote Control BoxDotDotDotDotDot
Oscillation Control DotDotDotDot
Head Angle AdjustmentDotDotDotDotDot
Spin SelectionDotDotDotDotDot
Spin/Speed Range1-101-100-301-100-30
Frequency Range1-72-10 2-10 
Ball Capacity 40mm90200220120*120*
# 40mm Balls Inlcuded**4848484848
Owner's DVD  DotDotDot
Training Handbook**   DotDot
* Recommended Capacity. Balls Recycle
** Included only in robots sold from the U.S.
Great Rehabilitation Tool

Ping pong is perhaps the best sport for improving hand-eye coordination. After a stroke, major surgery, or serious accident, it's imperative to get the body moving again and to reactivate the brain to muscle pathways. Robo-Pong can be adjusted to very low levels at the beginning of your rehab program and then gradually increased to make the workouts more challenging as your condition improves. Ping pong can even be played while seated in a wheelchair and it's a popular activity at rehab centers.

Easy To Use, Affordable, and Adjustable

Newgy robots are the best selling, most affordable robots in the world. Robo-Pong robots are renowned for being very user-friendly. They are simple and easy to set-up, use, take-down, store and transport. Our robots are supported with thorough, well-written documentation, an extensive web site, and friendly, knowledgeable staff. You'll have everything you need to begin playing within a few minutes of opening the box.

Newgy robots are fully adjustable to match anyone's playing level from entry level to professional. Selection of spin type, oscillation range*, and trajectory angle is straight-forward and easy to understand. The remote controls provide convenient regulation of power, ball speed, ball frequency, and oscillator speed*. Newgy robots are made of quality parts to ensure reliability and durability for many years of hard use.

*Oscillation available only on models 1050/1040 and 2050/2040. Model 540 does not have oscillation controls.

For complete documentation of robot procedures, adjustments, diagrams, warranty information, and parts list, please read the Newgy Table Tennis Robot Owner's Manual for the model you're interested in.