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The #1 Question in Table Tennis

Throughout many years of table tennis coaching, the #1 question that players ask me is, “What is the correct angle of my table tennis racket when looping?”

Having the correct racket angle for each particular stroke in table tennis is important.  However, there are many factors that need to be calculated within a split second to adjust your racket angle to properly loop the ball, such as:

1 – The height of the incoming ball

2 – The depth of the incoming ball

3 – The speed of the incoming ball

4 – The type and amount of spin on the incoming ball

5 – The trajectory of the incoming ball

6 – Your body position

7 – Your racket height

8 – Your backswing

9 – The amount of tension in your arm

10 – Your amount of racket speed

11 – The desired height of your loop

12 – The desired depth of your loop

13 – The desired speed of your loop

14 – The desired amount and type of spin on your loop

15 – The desired trajectory of your loop

16 – The type of rubber that you are using on your table tennis racket (inverted, pips, etc.)

17 – The amount of grip on the rubber you are using (slick, somewhat grippy or tacky)

To make 17 calculations and adjust your racket angle within a matter of a ½ second takes a lot of practice.  No wonder the top table tennis players practice 6-8 hour per day for years to reach a high level.  Table tennis is way too fast to make 17 conscious calculations prior to each hit.  The mind needs to be properly programmed to look for those signs and make fast adjustments.  Getting a good table tennis coach and learning properly from the start will be the biggest benefit to developing the foundation for your game.

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  • Jena Newgarden
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