2017 Newgy and Wang Vision Institute Open Table Tennis Tournament

Jena Newgarden

Don’t miss the 2017 Newgy and Wang Vision Institute Open Table Tennis Tournament presented by Williamson County Parks & Recreation and the Nashville Table Tennis Club, and sponsored by Newgy Industries, Inc. and the Wang Vision Institute.

This two-star USATT sanctioned event features more than $1000 in prize money and includes both a Round Robin Tournament and a Two-Player Team Event.

Date: Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017 (Round Robin Tournament) & Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017 (Two-Player Team Event)

Location: Academy Park Gym 120 Everbright St., Franklin, TN 37096 (just outside of Nashville, Tennessee)

Format: Snake Seeded Robin Groups. All players advance to second stage Group Round Robins. Group winners advance to Round Robin Finals.

Referee: Roger Dickson (CR)

The deadline to enter is October 7, 2017.

This tournament is limited to 64 table tennis players so register today!


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Newgy Ohio Open Table Tennis Tournament Results

Jena Newgarden
137 table tennis players competed in 11 divisions at the Newgy Ohio Open Table Tennis Tournament this past weekend, March 20 & 21, 2015 in Uniontown, Ohio. This USATT Sanctioned 3-Star event featured over $4000 in cash and prizes!

Congrats to all the winners!

Open Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Samson David Dubina, 2nd Place: Alex Legaria

Under 2600 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Samson David Dubina, 2nd Place: Youssef Chalhoub

Under 2400 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Alex Legaria, 2nd Place: Ahmed Hendawi

Under 2200 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Don R. Hamilton, 2nd Place: Chandru Krishnan

Under 2000 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Aydin Aykanat, 2nd Place: Richard W. Akers

Under 1800 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Tadao (Tom) Inui, 2nd Place: Edward A Zadrozny

Under 1600 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Bojan Stojmilovic, 2nd Place: Igor Botkin

Under 1400 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Carlos Morantes, 2nd Place: Kristopher Williams

Under 1200 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Logan Herman, 2nd Place: Mike Burchfield

Under 1000 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Jordan DePoy, 2nd Place: Matthew Seeds

Under 800 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Sarah Jalli, 2nd Place: Andrew Schneider

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September Newgy Akron Table Tennis Tournament Results

Jena Newgarden
On September 26-27, the Newgy Akron Table Tennis Open took center stage at Walsh University’s Alumni Arena.  The new facility hosted the northeast Ohio’s largest table tennis event with 133 registered players with excellent conditions including 800 lux lighting, wood floor, and 28’ ceilings.  Friday’s events kicked off with the warm-up events:  Open doubles, family doubles, handicap, and junior recreational.  The elite Lindenwood University team dominated Friday’s play with taking first in Handicap and top 4 in Open Doubles.

Saturday featured Round Robin groups of 8 players with the top 4 advancing from each group.  In the Open Giant Round Robin quarterfinals 2600-level Xue Feng Jia chopped and looped his way to a 3-0 victory over Lindenwood’s top player Alex Legaria next up Jiaqi Zheng rated 2548 took down Santiago Seville 3-0.  Khoa followed suit with a 3-0 win over Gabriel Skolnick.  Micaiah Skolnick nearly broke the trend with a 8-5 lead in the fifth over Samson Dubina.  Micaiah was stopped short with an 11-9 loss.

In the Open semifinals US #1 ranked Olympic eligible female table tennis player Jiaqi Zheng took down 2x Olympian Khoa Nguyen 3-1 to advance to the finals.  In the other semifinals, former Chinese Superleague player Xue Feng Jia, using excellent spin variation and consistency, took down Ohio’s #1 table tennis player Samson Dubina 3-0.  With the experienced Xue Feng Jia easily cruising through 10 straight matches, it looked as if he would take the title and $1000 first place cash.  However, Jiaqi Zheng played a smart game and Xue Feng Jia was not able to adjust to her pips attacks and drop shots.  Congrats to Jiaqi Zheng for winning her first Newgy Akron Open title.  Best wishes to her as she prepares to represent the US at the 2016 Olympics!

We would like to thank our dedicated tournament sponsors:  Newgy Robo-Pong, Studio 330 Wedding Professionals, Union Institute & University, Wil-Cut Engineered Abrasive Solutions, Clear Choice Custom Lasik Center, Paddle Palace, Nittaku, CLJ Studios, Simplex Creative, PainZone, and Butterfly.  We would also like to thank our friendly tournament staff:   Greg Thompson, Pierce Scott, Randy Burnett, Joyce Burnett, Larry Loutzenheiser, Harsh Khandelwal, Gabe Stauffer, Cathy Steele, Sam Dubina, Nancy Dubina, Marissa Dubina, Heather Dubina, Rachel Detwiler, Ron Martin, Craig Krum, and Orlando McEwan.

Tournament video

Tournament Photos

Here are the tournament results:

Open Giant RR
1st Jiaqi Zheng
2nd Xue Feng Jia
3rd-4th Khoa Nguyen/Samson Dubina

Under 2400 Giant RR
1st Alex Legaria
2nd Felipe Morita
3rd-4th Gabriel Skolnick/Santiago Sevilla

Under 2000 Giant RR
1st Anthony Lewis
2nd David Pech
3rd-4th Shreyans Bafna/Zuo Li

Under 1600 Giant RR
1st Ashwin Turakhia
2nd Zach Spies
3rd-4th Adam Hemker/Bobo Shi

Under 1200 Giant RR
1st Ishaq Kothari
2nd Anwen Harris
3rd Nathen Eldridge/Jeff Pitrof

Open Doubles RR
1st Gabriel Skolnick/Felipe Morita
2nd Micaiah Skolnick/Ahmed Hendawi

Family Doubles RR
1st Anwen Harris/Zane Harris
2nd Sarah Sommers/David Sommers

Handicap RR
1st Zach Spies
2nd Alex Averin

Junior RR
1st Daniel Daum
2nd Andrew Schneider

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“Lucky Loser” in Table Tennis Tournaments – Samson Dubina

Jena Newgarden
If you have ever played a world pro tour table tennis event, you are probably familiar with the term “lucky loser”.  So what does it mean?

A lucky loser is a table tennis player who loses in an event but still advances due to an opening in the draw.  For example, if there are 152 players entered in one pro tour event, there might be 32 players seeded into the single elimination and 120 players competing in round robin groups.  There would be 30 groups of four players per group with the winners advancing to meet the 32 seeded players.

To form a perfect single elimination draw, there should be 64 players.  After the groups finished, there would be 62 players remaining in the tournament – 32 seeded players and 30 qualifiers.  To meet the perfect 64 number, the table tennis tournament referee would put the names of the 30 second-place finishers in a hat and draw two names.  They call these two players “lucky losers.”  They lost in the groups but were still able to advance and keep playing.

So, the next time that you are playing in a world pro table tennis tour and hear the phrase “lucky loser” you will understand what it means.

Samson Dubina

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