Stay in the Right Zone in Table Tennis – Samson Dubina

Jena Newgarden

Professional table tennis players clearly understand their potential and limitations.  They know how hard they should loop, where to loop, when to loop, and when not to loop.  Ma Long loops most of his balls with 60-95% power.  His selection on how hard to loop depends on his positioning, his distance from the ping-pong table, his opponent’s return, and his opponent’s positioning.   Timo Ball loops most of his balls with 40-80% power; this is the zone that he feels most comfortable playing.

Now, let’s move the scenario to YOU…

You have a played a great table tennis match looping consistently from both forehand and backhand.  You are playing an opponent that you have never beaten before.  You are at 2-2 in games and now you have match-point at 10-9 in the fifth.  You know that you should attack first.  How hard should you attack?  Within your zone!  Know your limits and do what you do best!

If you loop too hard, you might lose control and make an unforced error.  If you loop too soft, you might lose control because your opponent’s backspin push will bite into your rubber making it more difficult for you.  Swing through the ball, complete your stroke, have confidence in your loop, and treat it like any other normal loop.  Remember, you need to have some racket-speed in order to generate spin.  Spin gives you control, which makes you more consistent.  Consistency is one of the main keys to winning every table tennis match!

Samson Dubina

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2014 World Team Table Tennis Championships

Jena Newgarden
The ZEN-NOH 2014 World Team Table Tennis Championships are taking place in Tokyo, Japan this week, April 28-May 5, 2014.

209 table tennis teams from around the world are competing this year, including 114 men’s teams and 95 women’s teams.

A total of 138 International Table Tennis Umpires will officiate in Tokyo (68 from abroad, 70 from Tokyo).

The World Team Table Tennis Championships have been held since 1926.

China has dominated the World Team Championships, winning the Men’s Team title and the Women’s Team title 18 times.

The late Victor Barna is the most successful table tennis player in the history of the World Championships, playing 19 times between 1929 and 1954 winning a total of 22 titles.

Only three left-hander have won the Men’s Singles title at a World Championships: Stellan Bengtsson (1971), Seiji Ono (1979), Jean-Philippe Gatien (1993).

The 2015 World Team Table Tennis Championships will be held in Suzhou, China.

Good luck Team USA!

2014 U.S. World Team – Women

Lily Zhang
Prachi Jha
Crystal Wang
Erica Wu
Angela Guan

Coach Doru Gheorghe

2014 U.S. World Team – Men

Timothy Wang
Adam Hugh
Yahao Zhang
Jim Butler
Kanak Jha

Coach Stefan Feth

Watch live streaming of the matches at

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Nashville Predators/Newgy/NTTC Table Tennis Tournament Results

Jena Newgarden
The Nashville Predators/Newgy/NTTC Table Tennis/Ping-Pong Tournament was a hit!  75 pro table tennis players, recreational ping pong players and students competed on the main floor of the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on Saturday, April 19, 2014.

The tournament featured three divisions to include players of all levels and ages. The pro division featured players with USATT ratings of 1200-2200.

Roger Dickson, Newgy’s Head Table Tennis Coach, did a great job running the tournament. We had several volunteers from the Nashville Table Tennis Club to help with registration and scorekeeping.

A big thanks to the Nashville Predators and Bridgestone Arena for hosting this fun table tennis event!

Congrats to all the winners!

Pro Division

1st Place:   Jude Lam, Knoxville, TN

2nd Place:   Donny Flowers, Memphis, TN

3rd Place:   Roger Jett, Murray, KY

Recreational Division

1st Place:   Rick Sati, Smyrna, TN

2nd Place:  Radu Rusu, Franklin, TN

3rd Place:  Iqbal Indawala, Nashville, TN

Junior (18 & Under) Division

1st Place:   Steven Dickerson, University School of Nashville

2nd Place:  Chance Waller, Smith Co. High School

3rd Place:  David Shayne, University School of Nashville

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“Lucky Loser” in Table Tennis Tournaments – Samson Dubina

Jena Newgarden
If you have ever played a world pro tour table tennis event, you are probably familiar with the term “lucky loser”.  So what does it mean?

A lucky loser is a table tennis player who loses in an event but still advances due to an opening in the draw.  For example, if there are 152 players entered in one pro tour event, there might be 32 players seeded into the single elimination and 120 players competing in round robin groups.  There would be 30 groups of four players per group with the winners advancing to meet the 32 seeded players.

To form a perfect single elimination draw, there should be 64 players.  After the groups finished, there would be 62 players remaining in the tournament – 32 seeded players and 30 qualifiers.  To meet the perfect 64 number, the table tennis tournament referee would put the names of the 30 second-place finishers in a hat and draw two names.  They call these two players “lucky losers.”  They lost in the groups but were still able to advance and keep playing.

So, the next time that you are playing in a world pro table tennis tour and hear the phrase “lucky loser” you will understand what it means.

Samson Dubina

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