Table Tennis Practice vs. Games

Jena Newgarden
One of the most frequently asked questions is:

“Samson, why do you do table tennis drills?  Wouldn’t it be better to exclusively play table tennis matches every day?”

Good Question.  In preparing for the Olympic table tennis trials, there are many aspects of my game that I need to continually sharpen – strokes, footwork, serve, serve return, short game, offense, defense, etc.  For isolating one or two aspects of the game, I can select unique drills to work that aspect over and over again during a 10 minute drill.  So for performing drills, you can work on the specifics.

Then, of course, I need a decent number of table tennis matches each week too.  During and after the matches, I’m constantly analyzing my performance.  The following day, the drills that I choose to do are based on what happened the previous night during match play.

So to summarize:

Table tennis drills can help you work on the specifics of your skills and game.

Table tennis games can help you link all the elements together and test your skills.

In these next 2 videos, Angela Guan and I are demonstrating a specific type of table tennis practice where we are exclusively looking to improve the spin, speed and placement of the opening ball.

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