5 Ways to Improve Your Table Tennis Game

Cody Crook

Are you a serious table tennis player looking for an extra edge? Or maybe just a weekend player looking to beat your buddy to enjoy bragging rights at the next neighborhood gathering?

Whether you play in the International Table Tennis Federation, your neighborhood circuit, or just your family league, there are 5 easy ways to give yourself an edge!

Have the Best Equipment

The best players know that talent sometimes isn’t enough to win. When two talented players are matched shot for shot, what can give you the upper hand is top-notch equipment. That’s why Robo-Pong by Newgy offers the highest quality Newgy Robo-Pong tennis table robots, tennis tables, paddles, balls, and other accessories for table tennis players.

Once you’ve gotten hooked on table tennis, your friends and family are sure to want to join in the fun! That’s why Newgy offers the Family Fun Bundle, which includes 2 Newgy Pro Series Paddles with 2 free cases, 2 Newgy Applause Paddles and 2 dozen white Robo-Balls.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The only way to get better at any skill is with repetition – and that’s especially true with table tennis. Developing strategies to respond to balls launched over the net at breakneck speed becomes more manageable when the response is generated from muscle memory. That’s where training tools like a table tennis robot can come in handy the most.

Newgy coaches recommend that you practice more than you compete and build in some practice games to work on new skills specifically. You can also use a Robo-Pong table tennis robot to focus on specific backspins, sidespins, frequency, and speed.

Keep Learning

Being a student of the game is essential, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran. Are you just starting out? Table Tennis product maker Newgy offers a Free Table Tennis (Ping-Pong®) Rules Poster that you can download and display near your table.

Then you can go back to the important things, like deciding once and for all who the real table tennis champion is!

Keep it Clean

While we DO encourage you to keep your profanity to a minimum (hey, this is a family sport!), we’re not talking about that. The best way to keep your equipment functioning in tip-top shape is to keep it clean.

Just like in any sport, you need to make time to care for your equipment – and the same is true to keep your Newgy Robo-Pong robot working at peak performance. The Newgy Service department offers support online 24-7 and on the phone to make sure your Robo-Pong is always ready to practice when you are.


Ask for Help

The best athletes have training partners and coaches. With Newgy Robo-Pong, you get both. Choose from five models: Super Pro Robo-Pong Table Tennis Robot, Pro Digital Robo-Pong Table Tennis Robot, Eagle Eye Robo-Pong Ping-Pong Robot, Jr. Pro Digital Robo-Pong Ping-Pong Robot, or Jr. Eagle Eye Robo-Pong Ping-Pong Robot, you’re sure to find a “partner” that’s perfect for your needs.

Then, enjoy helpful videos online to help you make the most of your new Robo-Pong. Finally, enjoy expert advice from some of Newgy’s best Table Tennis coaches.

We can’t wait to see how you’ll improve! Be sure to tag us on social media showing off your new skills with your Robo-Pong Robot by Newgy! #GameChanger #RoboPong


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