Practice Against "Difficult Balls"

Jena Newgarden

David Perkel 
Atlanta, GA

There are a lot of ways that a robot can be really useful......1) Make it do those nasty serves that you can never seem to get back during a game (your opponent will get it next time). 2) Attempt to loop it's evil underspin - If you can hit it, then you can nail underspin in reality. 3) Set it up for unusual sidespin lobs to smash, and the everhated net ball to attack. It is very gratifying to hit those in a game after practice. 4) Practice the ever-so-annoying footwork. Nuff said. The robot is even good for sibliings (you can set the ball speed and oscillator on high and lock your brother/sister in the garage with the machine. OUCH!)

The robot is not only a toy of malice, but a great asset if you are looking to get better, sweat, and practice.

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