Black-light Fun!

Jena Newgarden

Valerie Kowalczuk 
Houston, TX

Convert your balls, paddles, and net to florescent using permanent fabric markers found at most art stores. Using the circular black-light from General Electric, turn your recreational center into black-light fun for a sport with Olympic intensity. Besides getting the teens interested in playing, it also increases one's ability to concentrate and focus on the ball. It improves one's aim and spin.

An added bonus is to mark your balls like the Spalding tennis balls with two different colors. You can use the "sports" basketball table tennis balls for a guide. This helps one see the spin, especially using florescence under black-light.

Editor's Note: It would also be cool to paint the edges of your rackets with florescent paint or wrap the edges with florescent tape. This would help you see the direction of the racket and gauge spin better. This tip sounds like a great party pleaser for those teen get-togethers.

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