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Welcome to Newgy’s blog!

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Welcome to Newgy’s blog! We are excited to share some interesting articles about the table tennis world as well as valuable table tennis training tips, upcoming tournament information, tournament results and much more. We feature a great selection of blog contributors including some of the top table tennis pros and coaches, as well as recreational ping-pong players and Newgy team members. Thanks for stopping by!

2016 U.S. National Table Tennis Championship Schedule Released

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USA Table Tennis (USATT) has just released the preliminary event list and schedule for the 2016 U.S. National Table Tennis Championships, which will be held in  Las Vegas, Nevada on July 4-9, 2016.

The 2016 National Championships will feature over 100 table tennis events. There will be an extensive variety with not only Championship and USATT rated events, but also para, sandpaper and hardbat table tennis events.

According to the USATT, this schedule is subject to change.

Click here for the Master Event Schedule.

$3000 Newgy Ohio Open Table Tennis Tournament

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$3000 Newgy Ohio Open Table Tennis Tournament presented by the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy and sponsored by Newgy Robo-Pong, Paddle Palace, Wil-Cut Engineered Abrasive Solutions, Akron Summit Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, and Sports Alliance of Greater Akron.

Tournament Date: May 6 & 7, 2016

Tournament Location: Shaw Jewish Community Center (JCC), 750 White Pond Drive, Akron, Ohio 44320

Format: All events are giant round robin groups of approximately 7 players per group with the top 4 finishers advancing from each group. Each player will compete in about 5-9 table tennis matches per event. All events will be 3-out-of-5 table tennis games.

This 2-Star USATT sanctioned event features incredible playing conditions – wood floor, high ceiling and new table tennis tables, plus $3000 in cash and prizes!

Entry fee includes: Free lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks and parking, plus free spectator admission!

The top 4 players in every division receive prizes.
Featured matches are live-streamed on the USATT homepage.
Events are VERY limited so enter now to reserve your spot!

Featured Players:
Bruce Zhao – Rated 2681
Cheng Li – Collegiate National Champion
Yichi Zhang – Collegiate National Champion
Antoine Bernadet – Canadian National Team Member
Samson Dubina – US National Men’s Singles Finalist
Seth Pech – Ohio’s #2 Ranked Player
Lester Lee – Canadian National Junior Team Member
Roger Liu – Ohio’s #1 Cadet

Entry Form

Player Listing

For more information, click here.

Weekly Group Classes at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy

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By Samson Dubina

For the weekend clinics at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy, we usually have a theme such as strokes, footwork, tactics, serving, etc., and each player will do similar drills throughout the weekend that are level appropriate all geared toward the topic.

On Tuesday evening, the kids’ group class goes from 6:00-7:30 pm and the teen/adult group class goes from 7:30-9:00 pm.  For the kids, I’ll be personalizing training programs for them in the future.  But for now, most of the kids are doing similar table tennis drills.

For the teen/adult table tennis class, there is a wide range of levels from 100-2300 USATT rated table tennis players.  Each of these players have different goals and aspirations in the sport – some might want to have fun, others want exercise, others want to play better at the club, while others want to become world class table tennis players.  In order to meet all of these needs, we must personalize the drills specifically for each player.  All of the kids and adults are strongly encouraged to participate in the Thursday night league as well.  Both aspects of improving are important – getting the good foundation in the Tuesday classes and applying the skills in real matches on Thursdays.

Is it more important to work on foundational strokes or to work on game strategies?  How good do your foundational strokes need to be?  It depends.  Imagine that I’m building a very small house.  Does my foundation need to be good – yes, somewhat good.  Now imagine that I’m going to build a skyscraper the size of the Empire State Building.  Does my foundation need to be good – yes, very, very good.  The same is true in table tennis.  The higher the goals, the better the foundation needs to be.

The Benefits of Group Table Tennis Sessions

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By Samson Dubina

In the U.S., most serious table tennis players take private lessons from a professional coach.  Throughout the world, private lessons are a rarity and many players participate in group table tennis sessions.  Regardless if you are 500 or 2500 USATT rated level, I recommend that you take a combination of both.  Private table tennis lessons for specific issues and group lessons for several reasons that I’ll be outlining in this article.  Here are the five reasons that I recommend that you take group sessions.

1.) Teamwork

Practicing together with other table tennis club members on a weekly basis establishes team spirit.  Think about it, when playing competitive club matches, you might view your opponent as an enemy.  However, when training together in a group session, you look at your opponent as a teammate and think more about how to continue the rally longer, how to challenge your practice partner to move wider or faster or possible to spin more or give more variation.  When playing table tennis together in a group session, players are working together to improve together.

2.) Variety

When training in a group, you must always learn to adjust when changing from one practice partner to another.  This is exactly like you must do in a table tennis tournament.  Just because you can loop Betty’s push, doesn’t necessarily mean that you can loop Billy’s and Ricky’s pushes.  Learning to adjust from opponent to opponent is one of the most valuable skills needed to become tournament tough.

3.) Practice Partners

One of the biggest complaints that I commonly hear in the U.S. sounds something like this, “I don’t have anyone in my table tennis club that knows how to do drills.”  At first, it is difficult for anyone to do drills because it requires some patience, persistence and concentration.  However, after learning how to do the drills in a group setting, you will become much more comfortable after a few months.  Once you have been doing drills with other club members for several months, you will then have practice partners who may be willing to come to your home and train with you.  The difficulty is typically in the first few months.  At first, many players get discouraged because they can’t properly control the ball, often give up, and merely play games.  If you can be persistent for doing group training for a few months, you will learn that it pays off big time and you will have practice partners for life.

4.) Cost

Typically, private lessons from a professional table tennis coach cost around $50-$100/hour.  After several months, many players can’t afford this.  Typically, group classes are $10-$20/hour.  This is a bit more affordable.  You have heard of the expression, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and neither is your table tennis game going to be built in a day.  The best improvement comes with consistent training over a 3-5 year timespan.  Be persistent, be consistent and try to make small improvements in each aspect of your game every day.

5.) Social Aspect

I see many players wandering aimlessly around the table tennis club or tournament – they have no friends, they have no practice partners, they have no one to cheer for them, they have no one to share their joys or sorrows with.  It is a general principle that you need to be willing to see your fellow club members as friends, not enemies.  Participating in group sessions is a great way to do this.  Once you develop these friendships, you can then go to table tennis tournaments as teammates, not rivals.

Navin Kumar’s Story of Parkinson’s Disease and Table Tennis

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By Navin Kumar

This month is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, and I’d like to share a story and my new YouTube channel with link to my new video.

I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease 3 years ago at the young age of 39, though I had exhibited some symptoms since my last open heart surgery in 2001 at age 27. My first year with Parkinson’s was a rough one, having to deal with the tremors, terrible muscle stiffness and the 50+ pounds of lymphatic fluid weight gain due to a horrible Parkinson’s drug that I was on back then. Being a 5 time open heart surgery survivor though really helped to put things in perspective, and solidified both my courage and determination not to feel negative and not to lose hope.

Two years ago my life changed drastically for the better, when one evening in June 2014 I went to see the movie screening of “Ping Pong Summer” (think “Karate Kid” but with a table tennis focus) and the director, Michael Tully, and cast members including Joseph McCaughtry and Andrew Harrison Riddle were in attendance. The movie was so good and it totally blew me away, but one line in particular that Susan Sarandon tells the main hero of the movie, ignited a fire within me that I thought was gone, and reignited my passion to get back into playing competitive table tennis again. Susan Sarandon’s line was,


As soon as she said that, I realized that what I would bring to that table is a love for the table tennis game that my father introduced me to at the age of 4 years old. What I also would bring to that table is a determination to take the world by storm and inspire the world to play table tennis for the wonderful health benefits it has, including the improvements to both my Parkinson’s and heart conditions.

Who would have thought that seeing that movie would change my life for the better by playing a table tennis sport that has allowed me to represent the USA as the first ever athlete to actively compete with Parkinson’s on the Olympic/Paralympic level, compete in table tennis National Championships and US Opens in Las Vegas, compete for the USA in international tournaments in Barcelona last year and Romania in 2 months, and allow me to meet and inspire folks on a worldwide level both with and without Parkinson’s Disease.

The improvement to my table tennis game, as you’ll see in the video, this year alone, is truly remarkable and I have my coach, Hall of Famer, Coach Larry Hodges to thank for his time and patience in coaching me these last couple of years and helping me to improve my table tennis technique to ultimately get better and fight my Parkinson’s symptoms.

I wish to thank my dear friends, “Ping Pong Summer” movie director and the entire cast, Mike Tully, Joe, Andrew, and my table tennis hitting coach,Jimmy Pelletier who trained the actors in that movie in table tennis and invited me to see the movie, all for inspiring me to get back into table tennis and using it as my weapon to fight my Parkinson’s Disease.

Thanks to these past two years of table tennis training and competing, I’m in the best physical shape of my life. My doctor has confirmed the improvement in my Parkinson’s symptoms as a result of all my table tennis training and told me that if I continue along this table tennis path then I should stay at my current stage 1 of Parkinson’s for at least another 30 to 40 years and by then I’m sure we’ll have a cure for Parkinson’s… hope for the best!

I hope you like the video. It was my first attempt at using video editing software and adding music too. The video is comprised of the following clips merged together:

– Training session with my club’s Newgy Robo-Pong 2040 table tennis robot
– Parkinson’s Charity Table Tennis Tournament – Beltway Plaza Mall
– Last December’s US National Championships in Las Vegas
– Recent training session with my coach – my best session thus far
– Last night’s training session with my coach – HUGE improvement for me
– Front page Times of India newspaper feature – Bengaluru, India
– Continuation of Indian newspaper feature
– Korean Newspaper Feature (I wish I knew what the article says exactly)
– US Open in Las Vegas – picture taken at airport
– 2015 Spain Para Table Tennis Tournament – Barcelona, Spain
– Me and my first coach and best friend – my dad, at 2015 Butterfly Open
– 2015 US National Championships – Las Vegas

I wish you all a very happy Parkinson’s Awareness Month! Thank you.

Check out my video here:


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