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This Month's Tip

A Unique Footwork Drill, by Yazel Baudour

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"Listen" To The Spin On Your Serves, by Rick Mueller
Check Ball Placement after Serve Practice, by Rich Bernhard

Drills / Training

Increase Consistency And Precision, by Nick Snider
Fun Game For Building Table Tennis Endurance, by Abe Mantell
Improve Your Doubles Teamwork, by Enrique Gomez Bravo
Eliminate Long Strokes, by Will Kazez
Strengthen Your Mid-Point Weakness, by Adrian Cheung
Step-Around Footwork Drill, by Lawrence Au

Footwork Drills, by Yeushan Goan
Chair Drill, by Roger Dickson
Practice Your Serves, by Robert Mayer
Newgy Circuit Training, by Larry Hodges

Robot Set-Up / Alternative Uses

Videotape Analysis of Technique II, by Wes Butler
Robot Setup Tips, by Darrell Rickert
Alternative Set-up For Wide Angles and Smashes, by Yeushan Goan
Using Robots To Teach Small Children, by Scott Preiss
Practice Against "Difficult Balls", by David Perkel
Practice Returning "Net Balls", by Tito Rodriguez
Better Simulation Of Loops and Chops, by Carlos Marin
Practicing Backhands And Third Ball Attack, by Amar Salaj Vattakandy
Making the Robot Produce Inconsistent Deliveries, by Phil Moy
Using The Robot In The Robo-Caddy, by David Tereo


Practicing Table Tennis Trick Shots
, by Scott Gordon

Ping Pong Table Skirt, by John Sternig

Quick Method to Clear Nets and Table of Balls, by Lawrence Ujimori
Develop Chaotic Relaxation, by Matthew Clune
Clean Your Robot For Best Performance, by Glenn Wilson

How to Make the Newgy Feed Balls Less Predictably, by Ken Szeto