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Look here for new articles by many of the world's finest table tennis instructors. These ping pong experts will teach you about strokes, strategies, tactics, styles, techniques, drills, and other skills to help you learn more about this wonderful sport of table tennis. Many of these instructions include photos, movies, animated GIF's, diagrams, and other illustrations to help you understand the lessons and improve your training and practice.

We started off with lessons from table tennis expert Larry Thoman from his Robo-Pong Table Tennis Instructional Manual. Now, we will be reaching out to other experts in the sport of Table Tennis to add to the amazing wealth of sports related information available for our customers and the table tennis (ping pong) online community. If you're looking for table tennis tips, advice, lessons, coaching articles, or instructions, you're at the right place!

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Inside Forehand Loop

Robot Drills For Long Pips Close-to-the-Table Styles
by Richard McAfee

This column discusses how to use a table tennis robot in learning ping pong strokes, styles, and techniques. Richard McAfee is one of America's most active and recognized coaches. Certified as an International Coach by USA Table Tennis, he was selected as a USOC (US Olympic Committee) Developmental Coach of the Year. He organized and directed the Eastern Table Tennis Training Center and the Anderson College Table Tennis Team. He served as the Table Tennis Competition Manager for the 1996 Summer Olympics and recently was selected as an ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) Pro Tour Director. Currently he is Head Table Tennis Coach at the prestigious Sporting Club At Windy Hill in Atlanta, GA.

Barney's Training Tips :
Changing Traditional Teaching Methods
by Barney D. Reed

Barney D. Reed is a USATT certified National Coach and has been coaching for over thirty years. In the early nineties he became a full-time coach, leaving the United States to coach professionally in Sweden. Currently he is coaching in southern California. His experience and methods of teaching thousands of beginners and hundreds of striving serious players should be of interest to all levels of developing Table Tennis players and coaches. Perhaps his "best" student is his son, Barney J. Reed who is one of America's top players and who has been on several of the US teams to World Championships and other world-class competitions. He believes that incorporating robots into your training is a great way to rapidly accelerate your development.

Eric's Training Tips:
Better Shot Placement
by Eric Owens

This column is a collection of table tennis training tips and advice by Eric Owens, who is a US Men’s Singles Champion, Pan Am Gold Medalist, North American Doubles Champion, and a multi-time member of the US Table Tennis Team. Eric’s training regimen includes regular practice on a Newgy table tennis robot. Read this column to get rare glimpses into how a top player integrates robot practice into his training.

Ask The Expert:
Designing A Table Tennis Facility
by Larry Thoman

This column of our Coaching Forum will consist of questions that have been asked of the staff at Newgy or our replies to questions posed on the table tennis (ping pong) newsgroup, We encourage readers to send in your own table tennis and ping pong questions. All questions cannot be answered, but we will regularly pick out one of them to answer in this advice column. Larry Thoman is General Manager of Newgy Industries, is a certified USATT Regional Coach and is a nine times Tennessee State Men's Singles and Doubles Champion.

Carl's Coaching Corner:
Master Your Techniques and Maximize Your Rating
by Carl Hardin

This column is written by Carl Hardin, a USA Table Tennis certified Assistant International Coach. He is a master in careful observation and being able to determine a specific structural weakness in a student's technique or a vulnerability in their mental attitude. He believes that a thorough understanding of the "why's" of the sport are essential to rapid improvement. His Table Tennis Training Shortcuts DVD takes you inside his coaching sessions, sharing his knowledge with you in the hope of making you a better player fast.

Paralympic Paddle Points:
Tactics I Use & How I Practice Them
by Tahl Leibovitz

This column will be written by members of the US Paralympic Table Tennis Team and other distinguished disabled players and the coaches/trainers who work with them. The authors will describe how they use the Newgy Robot to improve their skills, tactics, and techniques and how to modify them for a type of disability. These ping pong coaching articles should prove especially valuable and interesting for disabled players or those rehabilitating from accidents or surgeries. But this column should be equally helpful to able-bodied players who can learn greater adaptability for their own games and practices.

Tip Of The Month

Robot Tip:
A Unique Footwork Drill
by Yazel Boudour

Seattle, WA

Do you have a tip that you would like to share? Become our next winner by submitting your own robot tip. We are looking for unique or different ways that you use your robot in training or for fun. We want to give all the Newgy robot owners a place to share their robot experiences with others, thereby helping other robot owners improve their games or make better use of their robots.


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