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Robo-Pong 3050

The Robo-Pong 3050XL table tennis robot is a game changer! The easy-to-use Newgy APP and Bluetooth® technology allows you to navigate easily, with the simple touch of a button, you can decide to have a basic playing session, advanced training session, design your own training session, or a full-body aerobic workout session.

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Robo-Pong 2055

The Robo-Pong 2055 is more accurate, more reliable and faster than its predecessor, the Robo-Pong 2050. The Robo-Pong 2055 includes new electronics, new firmware and software, and was designed and engineered in the USA and built with USA sourced components.

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Robo-Pong 1055

The Robo-Pong 1055 is more accurate, more reliable and faster than its predecessor, the Robo-Pong 1050. The Robo-Pong 1055 includes new electronics, new firmware and software, and was designed and engineered in the USA and built with USA sourced components.

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Top Features
Control Box 1 Digital Analog Digital Analog Analog
Recycling Net checkmark checkmark - - -
Oscillator Positions 21 8 21 8 0
Pre-Programmed Drills 2 64 0 64 0 0
Randomness Control 3 checkmark - checkmark - -
Ball Speed, MPH (min-max) < 10 - 65 < 10 - 60 < 10 - 65 < 10 - 60 < 10 - 55
Ball Capacity 120+ 120+ 220 200 90
Technical Specifications
Ball Per Minute (min-max) 1.2 - 170 26 - 94 1.2 - 170 26 - 94 13 - 63
Ball Size, mm 40 40 40 40 40
PC Mode 4 checkmark - checkmark - -
Owners DVD checkmark checkmark checkmark - -
Training Handbook checkmark checkmark - - -
Calibration Functions checkmark - checkmark - -
Self Diagnostics checkmark - checkmark - -
Weight, Boxed (lbs.) 23.1 23.1 13.2 12.4 8.7
Weight, Net (lbs.) 23.9 24.2 13.25 13.6 10.85
Dimensions, Set-Up (w/h/d) 60"/31"/18" 60"/31"/18" 13"/21"/9" 13"/20"/9" 12"/20"/8"
Dimensions, Folded (w/h/d) 14"/33"/11" 14"/33"/11" - - -
Dimensions, Boxed (w/h/d) 37"/16"/15" 37"/16"/15" 27"/15"/14" 27"/15"/14" 27"/15"/14"
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Feature Description
Spins Topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin, combination spins
Shot Selection Push, chop, serve, counter, lob, fast loop
Head Angle Adjust from low (serves) to high (lobs)
Robo-Balls Included 48 Robo-Balls include with every Robo-Pong (US only)
Set-Up & Take-Down Quick, easy set-up and take-down takes less than 5 minutes. No assembly or tools required
Compatibility Can be used on all known commercial ping-pong® tables 5
Remote Control Convenient control box stays within easy reach on player's side of table
Warranty Limited one-year warranty. Robots sold from US include 30-day money back guarantee and 5-year service policy
  1. Control Box- Digital vs. Analog
    Digital Control Box
    • Revolutionary digital technology means easy, precise regulation of ball speed, wait time, and landing location. Randomize ball speed, wait time, and/or landing spot on table to make robot more unpredictable.
    • Stop delivery of balls manually, by time or by count – your choice.
    • Precisely place the ball with 20 oscillation positions and 30 speed settings.
    • Go as fast or as slow as you want – from about 1 to more than 170 balls per minute!
    • Hook up to your Windows PC to create, read, run and save drill files.
    • Send and receive drill files via internet with students, friends and others.
    • Ready to go with 64 pre-programmed drills for all skill levels.
    • Calibration controls allow two different robots to have near identical performance.
    • Use cell phone-like menu system to easily adjust robot for even complex functions.
    • Use it anywhere in the world – menus in 6 languages and universal power supply. (Transformers must be matched to electrical specification of the robot location.)
    • Uses Pulse Width Modulation to control motor speeds resulting in more torque at low end and improved motor performance and longer motor life.
    Analog Control Box
    • Analog control box uses switches and dials to control robot.
    • 3 dials to adjust ball speed, ball frequency and oscillation, plus on/off switch.
    • Uses Voltage Regulation to control motor speeds.
  2. What are pre-programmed drills
    64 pre-programmed drills are ready to go with the digital robot models for every skill level. Pre-programmed drills are great for competitive training or a great cardio workout. There are drills for beginners, intermediate, advanced and expert level players. Other drills train serve return, reactions to random balls, attack of underspin returns and attack of high balls. Drills can easily be made to run slower or faster to suit a wide range of skill levels.
  3. Randomness Controls
    The digital robot models have the randomness option which allows for randomized ball speed, wait time, and/or landing spot on the table to make the robot more unpredictable. It is more like playing with an actual person. Settings at randomness can be carefully controlled so robot can become progressively more difficult as skills improve.
  4. What does PC Mode mean/do
    With PC Mode, you can create, read, run and save drill files. Save them on a PC, write them to the Control Box, or swap them with friends via email or the internet.
  5. except 2050 requires optional Robo-Caddy for use with conversion tops used on 9 foot pool tables.