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Welcome to Newgy’s blog! We are excited to share some interesting articles about the table tennis world as well as valuable table tennis training tips, upcoming tournament information, tournament results and much more. We feature a great selection of blog contributors including some of the top table tennis pros and coaches, as well as recreational ping-pong players and Newgy team members. Thanks for stopping by!

Your Morning Wake-Up Call or Table Tennis Loss?

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By Samson Dubina

You were the top seed in the under 2300 event at the table tennis tournament.  Based on the draw, you knew that you didn’t have a strong opponent on your opening 9:00 am match; in fact, he was only rated 1600.  You woke up at 8:25 am and drove to the venue at 8:55 am.  You figured that after your opening table tennis match, that you would grab some breakfast and then begin your full warm-up for your 11:00 am match.  After dropping the first game, you decided that it was just your opening match and you would snap out of it.  You thought that it would still be an easy 3-1 win.  At the close of the second game, your opponent did the unthinkable.  He scored 4 consecutive points with 3 net balls and an edge ball.  Now, you were down 2-0 in games and your nerves got the best of you.  Your morning wake-up call?  Well, it was more than a wakeup call, it was the worst table tennis loss of your life!

So how could you have prevented it?

#1 Serious

You needed to take that table tennis match seriously, even when your opponent was rated below you.  By waking up early enough to eat a good breakfast, by jogging and stretching, by playing a few practice matches, by doing a bit of research on your opponent, and by mentally gearing up prior to the match, you should have given your best from the very first hit!  For future tournaments, you need to learn to be serious and give your opponent the proper respect.

#2 Fear

After losing the first table tennis game, you should have had some fear.  Instead of taking the match seriously, you just dismissed it as an early morning match that would turn out fine in the end.  Instead, you should fear losing.  This fear of losing would have driven you to give 100% focus and to evaluate your opponent and possibly change your tactics.  Some types of fear are good.

#3 Learn

Walking off the court after losing the match 3-0, you should have learned how to deal with your loss.  So what did you do next…  Quit?  Mope around the tournament complaining?  Following your opponent around hoping that his rating gets adjusted?  What did you do?  I suggest that you should have learned from that match and move forward.  Think back to the match in regards to a tactics change for the next match but DON’T think back to the match in a depressing way.  Use that match as fuel to energize your performance in future table tennis matches.

Featured Club: Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy

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The Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy is dedicated to bringing the Olympic sport of table tennis to a new level in Ohio through professional coaching, elite tournaments, world class equipment, and promoting sportsmanship on and off the court.

Samson Dubina offers private and group table tennis lessons, as well as Skype coaching.

Samson also coordinates and runs some of the top table tennis tournaments and clinics in Ohio.

About Samson Dubina

Samson started playing table tennis at age 12 in Canton, Ohio. Four years later, his game saw huge improvements under the instruction of Coach Carl Hardin. In recent years, Samson has achieved many titles while traveling the world for table tennis. Currently Samson is training, competing in tournaments, and coaching the top players in the state of Ohio.

  • Ohio’s #1 Table Tennis Player for 14 Consecutive Years
  • Highest USATT rating: 2564
  • World Ranked
  • USATT Junior Advisory Committee Member
  • Sponsored by Newgy, Nittaku, and Paddle Palace

For more information, visit

TOP SPIN Table Tennis Documentary at Nashville Film Festival

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Top Spin, a feature length table tennis documentary, will screen at the Nashville Film Festival at Regal Green Hills Stadium 16 this Saturday, April 18 at 4:00 pm and Sunday, April 19 at 12:30 pm.

Newgy and some of our top local table tennis athletes will be putting on a table tennis exhibition on the Red Carpet for the media and audience on Saturday, April 18 from 2:30-3:30 pm before the 4:00 pm screening of Top Spin.

Top Spin explores what is at stake for three teen table tennis athletes striving for the Olympics and the families who support and sacrifice for them. But with no foreseen professional future for the sport in the U.S., in addition to the pressures of rigorous training, international tournaments, schoolwork and SAT’s — is it all worth it in the end?

Created in 2011.

Starring: Ariel Hsing and Lily Zhang of Northern California, and Michael Landers of Long Island, New York

Directed by: Sara Newens & Mina T. Son

Produced by: Jonathan Bricklin & Frank Raharinosy (Executive Producers), Yen Le (Co-Producer)

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.


Newgy Ohio Open Table Tennis Tournament Results

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137 table tennis players competed in 11 divisions at the Newgy Ohio Open Table Tennis Tournament this past weekend, March 20 & 21, 2015 in Uniontown, Ohio. This USATT Sanctioned 3-Star event featured over $4000 in cash and prizes!

Congrats to all the winners!

Open Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Samson David Dubina, 2nd Place: Alex Legaria

Under 2600 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Samson David Dubina, 2nd Place: Youssef Chalhoub

Under 2400 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Alex Legaria, 2nd Place: Ahmed Hendawi

Under 2200 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Don R. Hamilton, 2nd Place: Chandru Krishnan

Under 2000 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Aydin Aykanat, 2nd Place: Richard W. Akers

Under 1800 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Tadao (Tom) Inui, 2nd Place: Edward A Zadrozny

Under 1600 Giant Round Robin - 1st Place: Bojan Stojmilovic, 2nd Place: Igor Botkin

Under 1400 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Carlos Morantes, 2nd Place: Kristopher Williams

Under 1200 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Logan Herman, 2nd Place: Mike Burchfield

Under 1000 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Jordan DePoy, 2nd Place: Matthew Seeds

Under 800 Giant Round Robin – 1st Place: Sarah Jalli, 2nd Place: Andrew Schneider


FIT Newgy Open Table Tennis Tournament

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Don’t miss the 22nd FIT Newgy Open Table Tennis Championships, March 21-22, 2015 in New York City.

This 2-Star USATT sanctioned tournament, organized by Lily Yip Table Tennis Center, will consist of preliminary Round Robin groups of 3-4 players. The player with the best record in the group advances to a single elimination draw. All table tennis matches are 3 out of 5, 11 point games.  All players must be USATT members or members of an ITTF affiliated association to compete in this event.

Tournament location:

Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)

Building A – 27th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues

New York, New York 11001-5992

The entry deadline is March 17, 2015.

More information

Printable Entry Form – PDF

Online Entry Form


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